Saturday, 25 December 2010

The Power of MIGHT3KIDS

©2010 ~Boyann
Seriously, I don`t know if this blog entry is enough for 'securing the idea`s name' or the new comicbook feature`s title... but 'Power-Kids', 'Powerkids', 'PowerKidZ' and many other variations are already used for inflatable beds, nanny services and similar... Heck, even FantastiKids was the title of a 2006 fantasy series about three siblings guarding a horrific secret hiding in a magical box entrusted to them by a dying mother..!

... and the name of a French children`s pop-group.

Can you believe it, by feverishly typing various word combinations I`ve managed to stumble upon NO RESULTS FOUND for 'The Might3Kids'!!!

Therefore, I reckon it`s not out of place to claim the title/name/trademark/copyright for LINGO Foreign Languages Centre and myself..?

... or is it..?

What needs to be done now..? Let the breathlessly awaiting world know that I`ve stabbed the banner on this hilltop or I need to do some administration and handsomely pay for the protection of the name and the privilege to own it..?

Am I doing the [un]wise thing with blaring about this publicly or should I have kept shtumm and do the deed after the holidays..?

For better or worse, the word`s out and what I used to show in my gallery from time to time here is POWER-KIDS no more...


(c)LINGO Foreign Languages Centre/Centar Stranih Jezika

`Nuff said.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

What would a Yuletide Season
The New Year be without those celebration & adventure seeking
currently in the throes of the script fine-tuning
And who knows...
>>Maybe<< even in a magazine to be unleashed upon
the breathlessly awaiting world..?

Stay tuned, Power Seekers!


[ ~b~ ]

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

hO-hO-hO! Merry-Merry! Happy-Happy!

Why has Santa Claus chosen his sultry niece SANTANELLA to assist him with his Yuletide endeavours..?

Why - to fit into the chimneys easier than him, that is!

But the naughty minx prefers to do other stuff besides stuffing them felt stockings left overnight by true believers, especially male, single loners intent to enrich their sketchbooks with drawings like these.

SO HAPPY HOLIDAYS, EVERYONE! Behave, be well, creative and happy. Don`t forget that Lord Allmighty`s only son`s birthday is not only going over the top with wining'n'dining. Enjoy and see you soon...ish.


Friday, 3 December 2010

Another wee blast from the past - WIP of the first pencil drawing that I wanted to remain penciled only but appear inked.
Good ol' PhotoShop magic..! And those filters with ability to offer dot-screen patterns like in arcane b/w comics relying on 'halftones'... or 'BenDay' or 'Zip-a-Tone'...
The whole area deserving a full tome, not just a humble blog entry...

(c) and drawn by me

This is KAT FALLOUT, online video-game character in my interpretation with red, blue and black graphite pencil[s] - (c)Respective Copyright Holder[s].

Saturday, 27 November 2010

THERE WAS THIS geezer over on DeviantArt signing his cartoons as MegaTigerTron. He's still there but under the different monicker and THIS particular inspiration was picked up from one of 'girlie drawings' that's no longer there...

Anyways, El Tigre did a nice rendering with a pose challenging enough for me to try to understand it through this study in red, blue and 0.7 mechanical HB pencil exercise. It's the very same sketch, only scanned four times throughout the progress. I am not implying anything - the least being who did a better version but the lad's written praise made me feel really proud.

And the shown stages actually represent the very approach I have to the figure drawing.

I wish it could always appear and be this easy..!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

THIS WAS SHOWN before as a series of individual drawings. Here's the whole process in almost a comic strip form. Truth to be said, I need to re-scan and re-colour the cover for the sake of acknowledgement of my PhotoShop improvement... back in the day when I did this, believe it or not, I couldn't fathom how to letter the damn thing digitally, so I had to paste-on physically the letters [logo and title, not dialogues done manually with the marker I used to ink the figures] sent to me by John Gallagher, the writer of this never drawn extravaganza who's also provided me with a rough thumbnail sketch for the cover that I managed to displace for good... Sorry mate..!

Monday, 8 November 2010

Is this what they call 'meme'..? I don't know what on Earth is 'meme' but I got an impression that the monicker concerns the 'collage' sort of thing... or something.

So here is the POWER KIDS work in progress, step-by-step presentation. If this is the aforementioned 'meme', then it is.

Wish I knew how it's pronounced...!/pages/POWERKIDS-Letnja-skolica-engleskog-jezika-za-decu-iz-hraniteljskih-porodica/131269320227113!/profile.php?id=1568919879

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

I know 'twould have been better if I've shown this on time when it was appropriate. But, as they say, 'better late than never'. So, POWER KIDS again, only this time trying to participate in Hallowe'en celebration for the first time [in Serbia at least]. All pencil [2mm F lead in Mars leadholder] and tweaking in Photoshop after scanning the A4-sized drawing. The lines were darkened and some 'Filter' solutions were applied.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

When it's ten minutes after midnight, then it must be 'yesterday' when I did this convention sketch, borrowed from a young lady who asked for a sketch of HERSELF as BatGirl [ (c)DC/WB ] so I can scan it for unleashing it upon the breathlessly awaiting world.

I have to admit my inability to 'capture the likeness' is a stuff of legends... but I hoped for the excuse that BG is not 'a real person' plus there's a mask -- excuses, escuses ...

Anyway, Tanya loved the sketch and I wanted to share this convention sketch done at the 8th Belgrade International Comics Salon that finished today, on Sunday. Drawing shall be returned to Tanya. It's done on A4 sized rough paper with HB 0.7 technical Pentel pencil and assortment of markers.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Some sketches I've done recently, posting them on Deviant Art first. Ordinary A4 printer paper used with Col-Erase light blue pencils or 3H graphite Lyra 2mm lead in Mars-Staedtler or Caran D'Ache leadholders/clutch pencils. Tweaked a thing or two in PhotoShop 7.

The character of Soviet SuperWoman is created & (c)Olga Jezhova and I drew this for her, with her permission.

Monday, 2 August 2010

A Wee Demo - NOT the Tutorial

WORKING ON SEVERAL projects at the same time sometimes disperses the attention and ability to control all aspects of what's being done. Take THIS situation for example - do I have to put an extra 'mature' filter because of the 'beast's nature' displayed in the illustration or do I behave like this is the business as usual, like before..?

This is the very same drawing, the one and only of the newest incarnation of my intrepid Nurse Florinda, co-created with a person insisting for now to remain strictly anonimous. But, that very same drawing is scanned as the blue rough, then black graphite clean-up [H lead, 2mm in a lead holder/clutch pencil over the kneaded eraser 'paled' blue sketch] and finally coloured visual of the 'inked' version.

Truth is, there were NO INKS whatsoever. The graphite clean-up lines were darkened in PhotoShop prior to the colouring process and that was it.

The 'comic strip tier' format is the attempt to create a demo or tutorial 'template' with samples of personal work plus lettering, which in this case happens to be a free font from Nate [Blambot] Piekos -

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Power Kids!

Remember couple of my recent deviations with the above title, regarding the charity project involving very young children in foster care learning English for the first time..?

The Power Kids Little Summer School for English Language is on FaceBook and it needs LOTS of MORAL SUPPORT too, not just financial sponsorship.

show your support by going to the following link:!/pages/POWERKIDS-Letnja-skolica-engleskog-jezika-za-decu-iz-hraniteljskih-porodica/131269320227113

LIKE it and leave a supportive comment. I did the drawing for them that goes on official documents [black and white version only, alas...], T-Shirts for children and such.

Let's show together at least symbolicaly that those clever, witty, gorgeous children aren't abandoned and forgotten for real and let's give A BIG HAND to noble and kind people who take care of them selflessly like they'd do for their own offspring.

Thank you ALL, from the bottom of my ink-stained heart.


[ ~b~ ]

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

AL WILLIAMSON - R.I.P. 1931-2010

Secret Agent Corrigan (c)KFS - the hero was modeled by the artist himself!

THE PRINCE AMONGST the comics medium knights has laid his mighty brushes to rest and went where all of us shall go one day or night... joining his pal Frank Frazetta, Archie Goodwin and other incomparable giants who walked amongst us once, allowing us to stand on their shoulders.

Williamson followed the path of Alex Raymond, inspired also by Daniel Vierge, Joseph Clement Coll, Franklin Booth and other masters of the pen and ink technique.

His contribution to the comics is humongous - comicbooks, syndicated newspaper strips... penciling, inking [himself and others, in the later part of his career] and genuine love for the artform examplified with his tireless collecting of originals.

Those in the know, especially distinguished ones honoured to know him personally will publish more appropriate rememberings of his life, deeds and achievements. I've never managed to meet him but I am sure that he really was The Gentleman and one of the sweetest persons ever to unleash his kindness on fellow artists and people in general.

He shall be missed.

Some New-ish Drawings... sort of

JUST TO AVOID being too absent from here...

Vetty & Beronica... y'get it, right..? (c)Respective Copyright Holder[s]

THORELLA -female version of Thor (c)Marvel/Disney

SISELLA & her flat-chested failed female sidekick, (c)ME

All drawn by me. No inks, just blue or graphite pencils, ordinary printer A4 sized paper, tweaked here'n'there in PhotoShop.

'Nuff said - as the great man uttered on so many excelsior-occasions.


Saturday, 10 April 2010

Stacey Owens Project

THERE IS NOTHING mysterious about STACEYTRON, Ms. Owens' Deviant Art personna. Stunning looker and inspiration to many artists over there -- me included.

Amongst numerous other sketches and some finished drawings I've done three incarnations of the MultiMedia VideoGame Maiden.

Here are pencils and finished inks with gray tones (done with COPIC markers) for the third delineation of the incomparable StaceyTron.

Monday, 15 March 2010

More Deviations

I don't think necessarily that my work is a benchmark of exceptional quality or with distinguished instructional value -- yet I like to share the very process that happens when I delineate a character...
... in this case a few feminized versions of MARVEL superheroes, appearing as super-heroinettes!

Straight from the alternative universe inside my overgrown-fanboy head -- here they are:


Damn, that blue pencil rocks..!



Sunday, 7 March 2010

From my DeviantArt Page

AFTER SEVERAL WEEKS... or is it actually months?!... I'm to post a thing or two here, to prevent cobwebs to amount.

I've been posting various sketches and finished artwork, some of it being studies of other artists' work - that I have credited and presented my 'learning way' and understanding how things are done. This, for example, is my take [no study of other artists' work] on the video-game character Kat Fallout, shown in stages.

So ... with red lead clutch pencil [2mm] I've structured shapes with the help of established 'line of action' first and head shape oval sketched-in last which provided me with the groundwork to proceed and come to this final drawing, tightened with 0.7 mechanical graphite pencil, HB lead.