Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Power Kids!

Remember couple of my recent deviations with the above title, regarding the charity project involving very young children in foster care learning English for the first time..?

The Power Kids Little Summer School for English Language is on FaceBook and it needs LOTS of MORAL SUPPORT too, not just financial sponsorship.

show your support by going to the following link:


LIKE it and leave a supportive comment. I did the drawing for them that goes on official documents [black and white version only, alas...], T-Shirts for children and such.

Let's show together at least symbolicaly that those clever, witty, gorgeous children aren't abandoned and forgotten for real and let's give A BIG HAND to noble and kind people who take care of them selflessly like they'd do for their own offspring.

Thank you ALL, from the bottom of my ink-stained heart.


[ ~b~ ]

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