Friday, 9 November 2012

Frazetta-inspired Kitty Poses

(c)DarkBrain LLC ~ a tier from DarkBrain Quarterly #3. 'Analogue' inking with No.2 sable brush on paper.


Skimmed through some of my old posts here and noticed that certain pieces of my artwork have been 'substituted' with a triangle containing a " ! " inside of it. Am I missing here something..? Censorship or something I need to be enlightened about..? I mean, there are some spicy and quite racy nasties drawn by me remaining here, so why certain illustrations deleted and swapped for an exclamation mark triangle..?

Better Late than Never..?!

(c)DarkBrain LLC ~ my VERY LATE realisation that I forgot to observe Hallowe`en. D'oh..!

Drawn on ordinary A4 printer paper with 0.9 Pentel H lead in Pentel mechanical pencil. Inked, coloured and lettered in Photoshop after scanning.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

OverGround Alternative of Sorts

AT THE BEGINNING of September Belgrade - Serbia - was blessed with the presence of distinguished visitors - the incomparable Mr. Robert Crumb and Gilbert Shelton, Esq. - with their gorgeous spouses, Aline Kominsky-Crumb and Lora Fountain.

The Underground/Alternative Comix royalty came a bit earlier than the start of the 10th International Comics Salon, Belgrade ...

... but nevertheless, Serbia's capital was ... well, keeping on trucking the whole week, between 3rd & 9th September 2012.

Instead of showing off with the SMASHING elaborate drawing Mr. Crumb did for me (let's face it: I don't want my Blogspot shut down and me arrested and banned for life by Google) I'm sharing the modest cartoon I tried to execute in the drawing manner of The Man, stretching a bit the credibility of one of the dialogues we've had on an occasion. Drawn with the modest gel-ink roller pen that I gave to him as a souvenir (he liked the fact that I've inked some of my actual comics pages along with brush and ink with the very pen) and shared first @ FaceBook.


Happy First Birthday, Kitty-Doll!

AND AN ERA comes to the end...

No, Pissy Pussy is NOT discontinued - after full year of 52 Sunday pages drawn by Yours Truly, the intrepid beauty is going under someone else's pencil and brush whilst I am to concentrate on her longer adventures in complete, graphic novelette format.

The show goes on.

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Tell Andrew Zar, Esq. that I sent you.


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Advertisement Drawing

©DarkBrain Comics LLC ~ co-created by Andrew Zar, Esq. (Publisher & EIC) and me

Drawn for one of the soon available Sunday strip pages and 'recycled' as the advert illustration. Ssssmokin`!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Work-In-Progress or How the Xmas Illo Got Assembled


Brown lead pencil with some blue lead on 3 sheets of A4-sized printer paper, then scanned, arranged in Photoshop and digitally inked in SAI beofre the incomparable Dani Calero applied his colouring magic.
Pissy Pussy is co-created by DarkBrain Publisher & EIC Andrew Zar, Esq. & me.