Tuesday, 30 June 2009

My Humble Contribution To The SOON TO BE LOST ART OF INKING - pt.1

HEY-HEY-HEY..! How's things, my fellow komikeros..? I've been -- well, really idle and I mean it. Only some storyboards here'n'there plus a few pages to be inked for an American comicbook publisher.

Strange story, indeed... when the time's ripe it'll be told in full. For now let's scratch the surface: a bloke called Adrian withdrew himself from a project that needed to be finished urgently so my mate Aleksandar Sotirovski [check out his blog!!!] gets the penciling gig by a twist of destiny and also a friend [who'll remain nameless] inker who took his time making the deadline even more lethal. To make a long story short -- Yours Truly is invited to save the day so here's the baby in it's full penciled and inked glory... colours by Jason Embury just make the art shine better in its glory..!

Suffice to say -- the day was saved, deadline met and things almost looked cozy...