Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Currently On My Drawing Desk...

(c)DARKBRAIN LLC - co-created by the Publisher and EIC Andrew Zar, Esq. and Yours Truly
Work in progress on the newest - and apparently my very last episode about the adventures of the intrepid feline human beauty, up to her (un)usual shenanigans...

Penciled as a tier-one third of the whole comicbook page on A4-sized Slovenian bristol paper. Pentel P207 mechanical pencil used with HB 0.7 lead in it. Lots of erasing, kneaded eraser applied.
Inked with gorgeous Dutch TALENS black ink, using almost forgotten Hunt 108 mapping point nib and Winsor-Newton Series 7, size 3 brush - the old one they used to make more than 3 decades ago. Yes, I still have one saved (the rest of the ten I bought had the sable hair EATEN BY MOTHS, all nine of them).
Half-tone patterns added via CS3 Filters.