Sunday, 27 November 2011

Soon, To Be Presented IN PRINT!

Besides appearances in regular Sunday pages [almost like your good ol' newspaper syndicated weekly gag pages] on , PISSY PUSSY is heading towards a graphic novel, in a real book form, in mid-2012. Her alien origin is revealed and a book[let] length story promises lots of adventure, excitement, explanations...

... and fornications too.

More or less, things are the same on the Pussy front, pardon the phrase -- apart from the fact that a new insanelly stunning talented colourist has arrived, claiming his rightful place in the Pissy team.

Welcome, Dani Calero!

This illustration is actually bottom part of the page, thoroughly realized digitally in Photoshop & SAI via Wacom Intuos4 tablet and pen. I love digital -- but boy, do I miss paper, screetching pencil sound, lead breaking, inking quill scratching the paper surface [preferably after being dipped in an inkwell first with some waterproof jet-black liquid inside].


Pissy Pussy is co-created by DarkBrain Publisher & EIC Andrew Zar, Esq. and moi.