Monday, 26 December 2011

Festive Season..!


MY WORD..! How could I be late for this occasion..?


Digital drawing by Yours Truly marvellously coloured by the fantastic Dani Calero

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Sunday Pages Online - Like Syndicated Newspaper Strips, Only NAUGHTIER


Okay -- I hate the new viewer here too. Apologies if what I'm to write sounds patronizing, especially for those amongst you who've discovered the RIGHT-CLICK on the 'floating image' and choosing VIEW... by doing this you get the old-way access to the visual, enlarge it with a left-click and enjoy the viewing like in the old days.

Done with a H pencil and Faber-Castell Ecco Pigment markers plus a Faber-Castell MARCADOR thick marker for panel borders and solid blacks. Please read the credit box, it says who's who and what's done by whom.

And be darlings, I implore you -- support by visiting the site and enjoying the other comics there and spreading the positive word.

Much obliged, me chipmunkies. 

Saturday, 3 December 2011

And Then There Are POSTERS Too!


Both posters for were digitally inked in SAI and with Wacom Intuos4 tablet and pen.

The second one was drawn on A4 paper with red & graphite pencil then scanned prior to digital inking...
... whilst the FIRST one was thoroughly executed paperless: 'penciled' in Photoshop, then opened in SAI and digitally inked. No matter how much I love digital work, NOTHING compares to the 'analogue' paper method.

But How Do the Pissy Pussy COMICS Look Like When Finished?

Well, something like THIS might be the answer...


Sunday, 27 November 2011

Soon, To Be Presented IN PRINT!

Besides appearances in regular Sunday pages [almost like your good ol' newspaper syndicated weekly gag pages] on , PISSY PUSSY is heading towards a graphic novel, in a real book form, in mid-2012. Her alien origin is revealed and a book[let] length story promises lots of adventure, excitement, explanations...

... and fornications too.

More or less, things are the same on the Pussy front, pardon the phrase -- apart from the fact that a new insanelly stunning talented colourist has arrived, claiming his rightful place in the Pissy team.

Welcome, Dani Calero!

This illustration is actually bottom part of the page, thoroughly realized digitally in Photoshop & SAI via Wacom Intuos4 tablet and pen. I love digital -- but boy, do I miss paper, screetching pencil sound, lead breaking, inking quill scratching the paper surface [preferably after being dipped in an inkwell first with some waterproof jet-black liquid inside].


Pissy Pussy is co-created by DarkBrain Publisher & EIC Andrew Zar, Esq. and moi.

Friday, 2 September 2011

DarkBrain Comics Log-in Buttons - NEW!!!


... and MANY MORE interesting images, posters PLUS PISSY PUSSY STRIPS coming your way in a week or so ... maybe even less ..! Be there, @ for more Pussy shenannigans ...

... plus the standard wide array of other stellar DarkBrain digital comics offers.

This was coloured by Marc Bourcier and drawin by me -- all paperless, on Wacom INTUOS 4 tablet with its digital pen[cil]. 'Penciled' in Photoshop 7.0 and 'inked' in SAI - the best program for digital inking on the planet.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Creating The Logo for a New Comic

Owen Jollands of FreshSqueezedLetters took a task of designing a cartoon-inspired logo for PISSY PUSSY (©DARKBRAIN Comics LLC, All Rights Reserved) written by the Publisher & EIC Andrew Zar and illustrated by moi. 

Hence my involvement with the [pissed-off human feline character] figure that should appear as an organic part of the said logo.


Suffice to say, Omni-Talented Owen also coloured the complete art but at the end of a day a different colour scheme was chosen by the Zealous Mr. Zar so the logo actually looks like this:


The very drawing is un-inked, meaning - it remained in its pencil stage [green 2mm lead, H 2mm lead in clutch pencils] on A4 printer paper, only darkened in Photoshop after scanning. The WIP looks like this:


Monday, 1 August 2011

Looking For the Right Colour


This is an unintentional homage of sorts to Andy Warhol with the 'wall' created by this comics character's initial creator Andrew Zar, DarkBrain Comics LLC founder & EIC (I am a visual co-creator and artist who drew this illustration, colouring the main character pink).

In the end, PISSY PUSSY's final skin colour is chosen to be a light-green. 

Drawn with Faber-Castell mechanical pencil with 2mm green lead and tightened with 2mm Caran D'Ache leadholder containing H graphite lead. Not inked - darkened in Photoshop to blacken the linework and coloured in the same program.


Thursday, 7 July 2011

More Excerpts From My DARKBRAIN COMICS Digital Inks

©DarkBrain Comics LLC
PENCILS: Renato Camilo
INKS [digital]: Yours Truly [me!]

Thursday, 16 June 2011

My Digital Inks for DARKBRAIN Comics

PENCILS: Renato Camilo
Digital INKS: me

©DarkBrain Comics LLC

Sunday, 22 May 2011


SKC Happy Gallery
Kralja Milana 48
11 000 Belgrade

Propositions and rules:
• Participants are not age-limited
• HIGH QUALITY COPIES ONLY, up to 4 pages, will be accepted. Works have to be sent via post office (e-mails excluded). Along with their work, participants are also required to send a filled APPLICATION FORM for the 9th International Comics Festival Contest which can be downloaded HERE
• Required language: English
• Theme, style, technique and genre are free-choice
• Page numbers should be written on the back of each page

(incomplete applications will not be taken into consideration)

• Submitted works will be reviewed by the jury and selected works will be shown at the Festival exhibition.

Awards & Prizes:
• Grand prix of the Festival (includes 1000 €)
• Awards for the best traditional style comic, the best alternative comic, the best script and the best graphics
• Special jury award for inventiveness
• Awards in the category up to 15 years of age: Young Lion special award (the best entry in the category), Special jury award for the best idea, Special jury award for maturity and imagination
• Special jury award for the youngest contestant
• Sponsors’ prizes

Additional information:

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Grace #5 Cover Illustration

©DarkBrain Comics LLC

From the initial blue lead rough through the H softness 2mm graphite lead tightening to the PITT Faber-Castell markers inking, scanning and Photoshop addition of filters [dot-screen pattern like an old Ben-Day]. All drawn on A4 ordinary printer paper with US comicbook used to mark & rule the cover size and proportions.

Coloured by new DarkBrain's prodigal talent, Mr. Marc Bourcier

The series continues with new artist[s]. I am no longer on the comic.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

This Illustration Can Be Put to Rest Finally

©DarkBRain Comics LLC

Drawn by me, coloured by Christa Rozenkranz. The final pieces of the deffinitive illustration to be put together.
All pencil, VERY hard lead, no inks.

Friday, 6 May 2011

GRACE promo pin-up WIP 2

And THIS is how I have mistakenly drawn the Bondage Grace pin-up before having to delete this background and add the previously shown one with Maria, Jerry and their lab surroundings.

Drawn with 2mm lead, 3H hardness and NO INKS on Windsor & Newton A5-sized sketchbook cardstock.

The bondage photo of the incomparable Jasmine Sinclair was used for the reference without an attempt for likeness. She has approved the use of the photo and I am very pleased for the fact.

(C)DarkBrain Comics LLC

GRACE promo pin-up WIP

Due to the misunderstanding between my publisher/editor and myself I did the previously shown illustration that can be seen here a little differently. The drawing was amended and BACKGROUND ACTION was done on a separate sheet of paper to be spliced together with the FOREGROUND main elements.

Maria & Jerry are secondary characters in the  GRACE COMES HOME series, (C)DarkBrain Comics LLC

Monday, 28 March 2011


THIS DRAWING IS not based on an actual reference - neither movie stills, nor somebody else's comics drawing and/or book illustration-concept art. I did it spontaneously, almost no erasing whatsoever. Just an A4 sheet of printer paper, a blue lead pencil and 2mm H lead inside Caran D'Ache leadholder.With scanning and Photoshop tweaking [darkening the lines to appear 'inky' and yet 'pencily' enough plus some filters for texture] it took me less than an hour to execute it from start to finish which means - to me at least - that I'm kinda becoming faster. It appears almost inspired by the great Wally Wood but truth is, I was prompted by motivation after seeing a Mitch Byrd dino sketch but resisted the temptation to 'homage' the drawing by swiping it.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Grace IN BONDAGE..! Umm--it IS Grace, right..?

AND CHRISTA ROZENKRANZ weaves her colouring magic again.
The drawing is mine, done in TWO layers [please see one of the previous blog entries with Layer Two shown without the foreground] because the first version had a completely different room & surrounding.
Drawn with 2mm lead, 3H hardness inside a Mars Staedtler leadholder on A5 sized Winsor & Newton cardstock [Grace in bondage on the table -- provided it's Grace, of course. Or is it her..? Hmmm... gotta see the comic first*].
The second layer/background was done on A4-sized printer paper with RED 2mm  & F-lead in Caran D'Ache leadholders. Incomparable Christa did the composite by patching-up both layers into a single image.

The comic is (C)DARKBRAIN COMICS LLC, written by Wintress Odom, created & edited by a fearless publisher Andrew Zar, Esq.

* Wait a minute..! I'm drawing the damn thing! I should know, I reckon...

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Grace Has a Surname - and it's MARSHALL

GRACE COMES HOME is (C)DarkBrain LLC, created by Andrew Zar, written by Wintress Odom, penciled by me & coloured by Christa Rozenkranz.

Drawn with blue Col-Erase pencil on A5-sized cardstock from a WINDSOR & NEWTON sketchbook, contoured with Stabilo thick blue marker and just slightly tweaked in PhotoShop.

GRACE is coming sooner than you'd expect on your computer screens via

Saturday, 26 February 2011

SPARKY - Grace`s nemesis (C)DarkBrain Comics LLC

ONE KINKY PHOTO of a stunning photo-model with two arms only was enough to inspire me to draw the alien enemy  of the main protagonist of DarkBrain Comics` GRACE COMES HOME. The pose oozed power and might -- and yet vulnerability to a certain extent.

I am continuing the comics series after three artists with totally different graphic approaches so in a way I'm 'released from the obligation to follow any established art style' or drawing manner. Dreadlocked Sparky is actually a very young and tender [late teens] girl going brash beneath her mask and undefined body armour - save the metallic dreadlocks and studded shoulderpads. Since I got the editorial blessing to redesign and redefine her costume, she is going to look a wee differently and yet the same when she's unleashed upon the breathlessly awaiting world in Grace Comes Home #5.
This is a promo-drawing done on A4 sheet of printer paper with 3H leadholder containing 2mm lead. No inks applied - pencils were enhanced in PhotoShop for the incomparable Christa Rozenkranz to unleash her digital colouring magic.

Wintress Odom writes the series, Andrew Zar publishes, edits & plots the storyline - plus has a cameo in the comic.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Beverly the Sexy Librarian of DARKBRAIN COMICS

THIS IS NOT the character I am supposed to draw in a comics series for DB but my 'private take', so to speak, on an another lady gracing the blossom of beauty offered by the intrepid publisher. The drawing that's inspired me can be seen HERE:

The whole purpose of this excercise is the actual rehearsal for taking over from issue #5 the mini-series GRACE COMES HOME which I intend to pencil only but with the 'inky' result shown in the work-in-progress strip. Dissatisfied with my achievements in turning penciled drawings into the visuals THAT APPEAR INKED, I've counted my blessings for having friends and colleagues in the know willing to share their know-how and help me improve my abilities with PhotoShop.

So, initial rough's scribbled rather quickly with a wood-clinched stub of a light-blue Col-Erase pencil on an A4-sized sheet of printer paper. That same rough that has perspective grid for composition's placement is slightly tightened with more defining lines of 2mm blue lead in Mars Staedtler clutch pencil which tends to be a wee darker. Without erasing anything the illustration is rendered with 2mm graphite F lead in Koh-i-Noor Technigraph leadholder and that was it.

After saving each stage of the drawing's progress, I finally applied this 'new' [ for me at least ] knowledge to expressly and smoothly turn the penciled sketch into a cleaned-up sharp & crisp dark beauty of an image, with the addition of some filter effects to give it a retro-look with those halftone patterns.

I'd love my comics to have this look.

Friday, 4 February 2011

New Artwork Done for DarkBrain`s GRACE COMES HOME

Just a wee teaser with this INCOMPLETE illustration done for the incomparable, first anniversary celebrating  comics publisher that can be found on

Because of misunderstanding the drawing evolved diferently from the vision of my publisher and editor, Mr. Andrew Zar, so it had to be amended. The solution..? Visual was ... not exactly re-drawn but rather 'divided' in two layers - so using the PhotoShop magic I've kept dominant part of the initial drawing minus the problematic background as the FIRST layer depicting [here not shown] foreground with the main character...

... or, is it her..? Hmmmm...
THIS is the second layer with REJECTED version of the Background [to impress the Publisher I went a wee crazy offering 4 diferent versions of the pencils-only sketch contrasted into the blacklined faux-inks look. The ACCEPTED version is safe and sound, uploaded  and 'in the can' along with the foreground fershlugginer, to be spliced together in the sanctum of the intrepid DarkBrain Comics HQ by The Colourist Supreme, Christa Rosenkranz.

So, my standard procedure: colour pencil [red in this case] used for roughing-in the secondary characters in the mid-ground [in the frankenstein-ized illustration to emerge soon] and background of the ominously looking lab. Over the red sketch on A4-sized printer paper went second quick pass with graphite HB wood-clinched pencil, then meticulous roll of the kneaded eraser over the whole thing to make all the linework faint, barely seen for the third pass with 2mm lead in Mars Staedtler leadholder, F grade. Then, scanning the pic and tweaking it a little in P-Shop till it went all dark, greyish parts were touched-up with the Burn Tool and then some filters for the elements behind the characters - four times. This shown version is my favourite one -- but I've anticipated which one would be chosen by Mr. Zar and it was so.

Anyway, GRACE COMES HOME and onto the computer screen close to you VERY soon.
In the meantime read all the incredible stuff on the aforementioned site, which, along with GRACE, is (C)DARKBRAIN COMICS LLC.


Saturday, 29 January 2011

My Colour Experiment with GRACE (C)DarkBrain COmics

I am Welcomed Warmly in the Kingdom of Dark Brain [comics]

Artwork is by me, characters are (C)DarkBrain Comics and DARKBRAIN.COM is the company I am to draw this comics series for, called GRACE COMES HOME. It`s Sci-Fi horror, it rokks, it changes its artists like some people change tissues and I am the latest one.

Drawn on ordinary A4 sized printer paper - a wee thicker and with rougher surface - and with 3H & F leads in 2mm clutch pencils. Figures are joy to do, contrast and colour in PhotoShop, but we`ll see how I cope with strict deadlines and LOTS of background details, environment, perspective and such in February when I roll up my sleeves, sharpen the lead and start drawing away...


Okay, I lied. No sleeves rollin`, I always wear Tee-shirts. Sorry.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Muscular IS Sexy...When I Draw It, This Time

This was done more than two years ago, on an A4-sized DALER-ROWNEY 120lbs paper, on its rough surface with 2mm lead, 3H hardness inside a lead-holder/clutch pencil. Sometime later I`ve coloured it after darkening the lines in PhotoShop to appear sort of 'inky'. Then I assumed I lost the file but discovered it last night..! Feels good to share it with you, me chipmunkies.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Come to think of it -- not enough of SEQUENTIALS here in Ye TitillationLand. An omission to be amended at once.

Pencils - Affable Askanio & Yours Truly, inks by Y.T. [me again], screentones thanks to the FILTERS magic in PhotoShop 7. Winsor-Newton series 16 brush used with Talens waterproof ink, along with Gillott`s 290 old copper nib.