Friday, 4 February 2011

New Artwork Done for DarkBrain`s GRACE COMES HOME

Just a wee teaser with this INCOMPLETE illustration done for the incomparable, first anniversary celebrating  comics publisher that can be found on

Because of misunderstanding the drawing evolved diferently from the vision of my publisher and editor, Mr. Andrew Zar, so it had to be amended. The solution..? Visual was ... not exactly re-drawn but rather 'divided' in two layers - so using the PhotoShop magic I've kept dominant part of the initial drawing minus the problematic background as the FIRST layer depicting [here not shown] foreground with the main character...

... or, is it her..? Hmmmm...
THIS is the second layer with REJECTED version of the Background [to impress the Publisher I went a wee crazy offering 4 diferent versions of the pencils-only sketch contrasted into the blacklined faux-inks look. The ACCEPTED version is safe and sound, uploaded  and 'in the can' along with the foreground fershlugginer, to be spliced together in the sanctum of the intrepid DarkBrain Comics HQ by The Colourist Supreme, Christa Rosenkranz.

So, my standard procedure: colour pencil [red in this case] used for roughing-in the secondary characters in the mid-ground [in the frankenstein-ized illustration to emerge soon] and background of the ominously looking lab. Over the red sketch on A4-sized printer paper went second quick pass with graphite HB wood-clinched pencil, then meticulous roll of the kneaded eraser over the whole thing to make all the linework faint, barely seen for the third pass with 2mm lead in Mars Staedtler leadholder, F grade. Then, scanning the pic and tweaking it a little in P-Shop till it went all dark, greyish parts were touched-up with the Burn Tool and then some filters for the elements behind the characters - four times. This shown version is my favourite one -- but I've anticipated which one would be chosen by Mr. Zar and it was so.

Anyway, GRACE COMES HOME and onto the computer screen close to you VERY soon.
In the meantime read all the incredible stuff on the aforementioned site, which, along with GRACE, is (C)DARKBRAIN COMICS LLC.


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