Saturday, 26 February 2011

SPARKY - Grace`s nemesis (C)DarkBrain Comics LLC

ONE KINKY PHOTO of a stunning photo-model with two arms only was enough to inspire me to draw the alien enemy  of the main protagonist of DarkBrain Comics` GRACE COMES HOME. The pose oozed power and might -- and yet vulnerability to a certain extent.

I am continuing the comics series after three artists with totally different graphic approaches so in a way I'm 'released from the obligation to follow any established art style' or drawing manner. Dreadlocked Sparky is actually a very young and tender [late teens] girl going brash beneath her mask and undefined body armour - save the metallic dreadlocks and studded shoulderpads. Since I got the editorial blessing to redesign and redefine her costume, she is going to look a wee differently and yet the same when she's unleashed upon the breathlessly awaiting world in Grace Comes Home #5.
This is a promo-drawing done on A4 sheet of printer paper with 3H leadholder containing 2mm lead. No inks applied - pencils were enhanced in PhotoShop for the incomparable Christa Rozenkranz to unleash her digital colouring magic.

Wintress Odom writes the series, Andrew Zar publishes, edits & plots the storyline - plus has a cameo in the comic.

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