Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Beverly the Sexy Librarian of DARKBRAIN COMICS

THIS IS NOT the character I am supposed to draw in a comics series for DB but my 'private take', so to speak, on an another lady gracing the blossom of beauty offered by the intrepid publisher. The drawing that's inspired me can be seen HERE:

The whole purpose of this excercise is the actual rehearsal for taking over from issue #5 the mini-series GRACE COMES HOME which I intend to pencil only but with the 'inky' result shown in the work-in-progress strip. Dissatisfied with my achievements in turning penciled drawings into the visuals THAT APPEAR INKED, I've counted my blessings for having friends and colleagues in the know willing to share their know-how and help me improve my abilities with PhotoShop.

So, initial rough's scribbled rather quickly with a wood-clinched stub of a light-blue Col-Erase pencil on an A4-sized sheet of printer paper. That same rough that has perspective grid for composition's placement is slightly tightened with more defining lines of 2mm blue lead in Mars Staedtler clutch pencil which tends to be a wee darker. Without erasing anything the illustration is rendered with 2mm graphite F lead in Koh-i-Noor Technigraph leadholder and that was it.

After saving each stage of the drawing's progress, I finally applied this 'new' [ for me at least ] knowledge to expressly and smoothly turn the penciled sketch into a cleaned-up sharp & crisp dark beauty of an image, with the addition of some filter effects to give it a retro-look with those halftone patterns.

I'd love my comics to have this look.

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