Monday, 28 March 2011


THIS DRAWING IS not based on an actual reference - neither movie stills, nor somebody else's comics drawing and/or book illustration-concept art. I did it spontaneously, almost no erasing whatsoever. Just an A4 sheet of printer paper, a blue lead pencil and 2mm H lead inside Caran D'Ache leadholder.With scanning and Photoshop tweaking [darkening the lines to appear 'inky' and yet 'pencily' enough plus some filters for texture] it took me less than an hour to execute it from start to finish which means - to me at least - that I'm kinda becoming faster. It appears almost inspired by the great Wally Wood but truth is, I was prompted by motivation after seeing a Mitch Byrd dino sketch but resisted the temptation to 'homage' the drawing by swiping it.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Grace IN BONDAGE..! Umm--it IS Grace, right..?

AND CHRISTA ROZENKRANZ weaves her colouring magic again.
The drawing is mine, done in TWO layers [please see one of the previous blog entries with Layer Two shown without the foreground] because the first version had a completely different room & surrounding.
Drawn with 2mm lead, 3H hardness inside a Mars Staedtler leadholder on A5 sized Winsor & Newton cardstock [Grace in bondage on the table -- provided it's Grace, of course. Or is it her..? Hmmm... gotta see the comic first*].
The second layer/background was done on A4-sized printer paper with RED 2mm  & F-lead in Caran D'Ache leadholders. Incomparable Christa did the composite by patching-up both layers into a single image.

The comic is (C)DARKBRAIN COMICS LLC, written by Wintress Odom, created & edited by a fearless publisher Andrew Zar, Esq.

* Wait a minute..! I'm drawing the damn thing! I should know, I reckon...

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Grace Has a Surname - and it's MARSHALL

GRACE COMES HOME is (C)DarkBrain LLC, created by Andrew Zar, written by Wintress Odom, penciled by me & coloured by Christa Rozenkranz.

Drawn with blue Col-Erase pencil on A5-sized cardstock from a WINDSOR & NEWTON sketchbook, contoured with Stabilo thick blue marker and just slightly tweaked in PhotoShop.

GRACE is coming sooner than you'd expect on your computer screens via