Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Creating The Logo for a New Comic

Owen Jollands of FreshSqueezedLetters took a task of designing a cartoon-inspired logo for PISSY PUSSY (©DARKBRAIN Comics LLC, All Rights Reserved) written by the Publisher & EIC Andrew Zar and illustrated by moi. 

Hence my involvement with the [pissed-off human feline character] figure that should appear as an organic part of the said logo.


Suffice to say, Omni-Talented Owen also coloured the complete art but at the end of a day a different colour scheme was chosen by the Zealous Mr. Zar so the logo actually looks like this:


The very drawing is un-inked, meaning - it remained in its pencil stage [green 2mm lead, H 2mm lead in clutch pencils] on A4 printer paper, only darkened in Photoshop after scanning. The WIP looks like this:


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