Sunday, 16 September 2012

OverGround Alternative of Sorts

AT THE BEGINNING of September Belgrade - Serbia - was blessed with the presence of distinguished visitors - the incomparable Mr. Robert Crumb and Gilbert Shelton, Esq. - with their gorgeous spouses, Aline Kominsky-Crumb and Lora Fountain.

The Underground/Alternative Comix royalty came a bit earlier than the start of the 10th International Comics Salon, Belgrade ...

... but nevertheless, Serbia's capital was ... well, keeping on trucking the whole week, between 3rd & 9th September 2012.

Instead of showing off with the SMASHING elaborate drawing Mr. Crumb did for me (let's face it: I don't want my Blogspot shut down and me arrested and banned for life by Google) I'm sharing the modest cartoon I tried to execute in the drawing manner of The Man, stretching a bit the credibility of one of the dialogues we've had on an occasion. Drawn with the modest gel-ink roller pen that I gave to him as a souvenir (he liked the fact that I've inked some of my actual comics pages along with brush and ink with the very pen) and shared first @ FaceBook.


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