Saturday, 2 October 2010

When it's ten minutes after midnight, then it must be 'yesterday' when I did this convention sketch, borrowed from a young lady who asked for a sketch of HERSELF as BatGirl [ (c)DC/WB ] so I can scan it for unleashing it upon the breathlessly awaiting world.

I have to admit my inability to 'capture the likeness' is a stuff of legends... but I hoped for the excuse that BG is not 'a real person' plus there's a mask -- excuses, escuses ...

Anyway, Tanya loved the sketch and I wanted to share this convention sketch done at the 8th Belgrade International Comics Salon that finished today, on Sunday. Drawing shall be returned to Tanya. It's done on A4 sized rough paper with HB 0.7 technical Pentel pencil and assortment of markers.

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