Sunday, 7 March 2010

From my DeviantArt Page

AFTER SEVERAL WEEKS... or is it actually months?!... I'm to post a thing or two here, to prevent cobwebs to amount.

I've been posting various sketches and finished artwork, some of it being studies of other artists' work - that I have credited and presented my 'learning way' and understanding how things are done. This, for example, is my take [no study of other artists' work] on the video-game character Kat Fallout, shown in stages.

So ... with red lead clutch pencil [2mm] I've structured shapes with the help of established 'line of action' first and head shape oval sketched-in last which provided me with the groundwork to proceed and come to this final drawing, tightened with 0.7 mechanical graphite pencil, HB lead.

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