Saturday, 25 December 2010

The Power of MIGHT3KIDS

©2010 ~Boyann
Seriously, I don`t know if this blog entry is enough for 'securing the idea`s name' or the new comicbook feature`s title... but 'Power-Kids', 'Powerkids', 'PowerKidZ' and many other variations are already used for inflatable beds, nanny services and similar... Heck, even FantastiKids was the title of a 2006 fantasy series about three siblings guarding a horrific secret hiding in a magical box entrusted to them by a dying mother..!

... and the name of a French children`s pop-group.

Can you believe it, by feverishly typing various word combinations I`ve managed to stumble upon NO RESULTS FOUND for 'The Might3Kids'!!!

Therefore, I reckon it`s not out of place to claim the title/name/trademark/copyright for LINGO Foreign Languages Centre and myself..?

... or is it..?

What needs to be done now..? Let the breathlessly awaiting world know that I`ve stabbed the banner on this hilltop or I need to do some administration and handsomely pay for the protection of the name and the privilege to own it..?

Am I doing the [un]wise thing with blaring about this publicly or should I have kept shtumm and do the deed after the holidays..?

For better or worse, the word`s out and what I used to show in my gallery from time to time here is POWER-KIDS no more...


(c)LINGO Foreign Languages Centre/Centar Stranih Jezika

`Nuff said.

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