Friday, 20 January 2017

New Video Courses Are on the Way

Hey, everybody..!
True - not a lot people to write to but the new video-course is on the way. It`s going to be more comics oriented and it shall deal with ... well, extraordinary humans with physical capabilities beyond the ken of mere mortals. You can guess that they are the comics heroes currently appearing in more than A LOT of spectacular movies and TV serials (including animation!) we have witnessed in the past decade or so; and more are coming our way.
Instead of whetting your appetite with a drawing from the incoming course, I`d rather tickle your fancy with the sample of the artwork type coming right after that in the third video-course. I hope it will make you wish to return and lean into the paper with your pencils - or into the tablets with your styluses.
Till then, stay well, creative and happy!