Saturday, 29 January 2011

I am Welcomed Warmly in the Kingdom of Dark Brain [comics]

Artwork is by me, characters are (C)DarkBrain Comics and DARKBRAIN.COM is the company I am to draw this comics series for, called GRACE COMES HOME. It`s Sci-Fi horror, it rokks, it changes its artists like some people change tissues and I am the latest one.

Drawn on ordinary A4 sized printer paper - a wee thicker and with rougher surface - and with 3H & F leads in 2mm clutch pencils. Figures are joy to do, contrast and colour in PhotoShop, but we`ll see how I cope with strict deadlines and LOTS of background details, environment, perspective and such in February when I roll up my sleeves, sharpen the lead and start drawing away...


Okay, I lied. No sleeves rollin`, I always wear Tee-shirts. Sorry.

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