Saturday, 27 November 2010

THERE WAS THIS geezer over on DeviantArt signing his cartoons as MegaTigerTron. He's still there but under the different monicker and THIS particular inspiration was picked up from one of 'girlie drawings' that's no longer there...

Anyways, El Tigre did a nice rendering with a pose challenging enough for me to try to understand it through this study in red, blue and 0.7 mechanical HB pencil exercise. It's the very same sketch, only scanned four times throughout the progress. I am not implying anything - the least being who did a better version but the lad's written praise made me feel really proud.

And the shown stages actually represent the very approach I have to the figure drawing.

I wish it could always appear and be this easy..!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

THIS WAS SHOWN before as a series of individual drawings. Here's the whole process in almost a comic strip form. Truth to be said, I need to re-scan and re-colour the cover for the sake of acknowledgement of my PhotoShop improvement... back in the day when I did this, believe it or not, I couldn't fathom how to letter the damn thing digitally, so I had to paste-on physically the letters [logo and title, not dialogues done manually with the marker I used to ink the figures] sent to me by John Gallagher, the writer of this never drawn extravaganza who's also provided me with a rough thumbnail sketch for the cover that I managed to displace for good... Sorry mate..!

Monday, 8 November 2010

Is this what they call 'meme'..? I don't know what on Earth is 'meme' but I got an impression that the monicker concerns the 'collage' sort of thing... or something.

So here is the POWER KIDS work in progress, step-by-step presentation. If this is the aforementioned 'meme', then it is.

Wish I knew how it's pronounced...!/pages/POWERKIDS-Letnja-skolica-engleskog-jezika-za-decu-iz-hraniteljskih-porodica/131269320227113!/profile.php?id=1568919879

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

I know 'twould have been better if I've shown this on time when it was appropriate. But, as they say, 'better late than never'. So, POWER KIDS again, only this time trying to participate in Hallowe'en celebration for the first time [in Serbia at least]. All pencil [2mm F lead in Mars leadholder] and tweaking in Photoshop after scanning the A4-sized drawing. The lines were darkened and some 'Filter' solutions were applied.