Sunday, 1 March 2009

Do I Have To Censor Myself When I Draw?

CAN'T REMEMBER THE occasion when I sat down, pencil in hand over the blank sheet of paper, thinking something along the lines 'Now, THIS is too much, I can't let myself do it...'.
I've never ever censored myself with pseudo-moral restraint or out of political fear. Just had the [semblance of] common sense what [not] to jot down or delineate.

After all, there's the feeling that some OCTOBOOBS pages simply wouldn't be appropriate even for my blog, in the same vein as breaking wind in a decent company is unacceptable... no matter how [not] good I am with that.

Won't bother you with musing about the [lack of] morality. I'll show you some drawings from my sketchbook dedicated to the character of Nurse Florinda that I'd love to exploit in some future wacky erotic comicbook escapades. There is one sketch done with - you guessed it - blue pencil and finished with mechanical holder of a 2B lead; there are two versions: one with visible nipples on hoo-hoos too big to be held inside the nurse uniform, the other with ... PhotoShop intervention that blurs them nipps for the sake of 'decency'.

On I have several picture albums, one of them being CYBER BEAUTIES. I felt sorry to omit my lovable Nurse Flo but good ol' myspace has a very strict policy regarding the nakedness, erotica and such. So, to avoid the risk of having my site shut down or picture removed by Guardians Of The Newfound Morality, I've 're-touched' her hooters.

Other pics are my attempt to draw a different Flo and try the colouring 'shorthand' with darkening the pencil outlines so that they appear almost as inked.

Not good, but still sexy.

And we DO love sexy, ain't we..?

Thanks for stopping by etc.etc.etc. You know the drill.

Hope to have you and some new visitors again.

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  1. Well, censoring yourself all depends on what you men to present with your art.

    Now, with my own 'art', I admit I admit I'm doing nothing but Pornography ^_^

    Therefore I don't censor myself much (except for perhaps violent content).

    From what I have seen on your site, its more of a "Pinup" style, so limiting anything that might come off too 'hardcore' is a good thing and it also helps to not scare off any potential clients :-)