Friday, 9 November 2012

Frazetta-inspired Kitty Poses

(c)DarkBrain LLC ~ a tier from DarkBrain Quarterly #3. 'Analogue' inking with No.2 sable brush on paper.


Skimmed through some of my old posts here and noticed that certain pieces of my artwork have been 'substituted' with a triangle containing a " ! " inside of it. Am I missing here something..? Censorship or something I need to be enlightened about..? I mean, there are some spicy and quite racy nasties drawn by me remaining here, so why certain illustrations deleted and swapped for an exclamation mark triangle..?

Better Late than Never..?!

(c)DarkBrain LLC ~ my VERY LATE realisation that I forgot to observe Hallowe`en. D'oh..!

Drawn on ordinary A4 printer paper with 0.9 Pentel H lead in Pentel mechanical pencil. Inked, coloured and lettered in Photoshop after scanning.