Monday, 2 August 2010

A Wee Demo - NOT the Tutorial

WORKING ON SEVERAL projects at the same time sometimes disperses the attention and ability to control all aspects of what's being done. Take THIS situation for example - do I have to put an extra 'mature' filter because of the 'beast's nature' displayed in the illustration or do I behave like this is the business as usual, like before..?

This is the very same drawing, the one and only of the newest incarnation of my intrepid Nurse Florinda, co-created with a person insisting for now to remain strictly anonimous. But, that very same drawing is scanned as the blue rough, then black graphite clean-up [H lead, 2mm in a lead holder/clutch pencil over the kneaded eraser 'paled' blue sketch] and finally coloured visual of the 'inked' version.

Truth is, there were NO INKS whatsoever. The graphite clean-up lines were darkened in PhotoShop prior to the colouring process and that was it.

The 'comic strip tier' format is the attempt to create a demo or tutorial 'template' with samples of personal work plus lettering, which in this case happens to be a free font from Nate [Blambot] Piekos -